My name is Franklin Diaz

Welcome! I’m a Cuban-American web developer based in the heart of the Bay Area.

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Easily Changeable

With a drag and drop interface, editing your projects has never been easier. We can process data through visual modeling.


The ability to navigate through a website with a seamless experience. This is my goal when working to create your vision.

Fast Development

When working with my clients I work one on one, meaning no need for a team. Which leads faster development times. 

My Projects

App and Web developer working in the No-Code field for 5 years so far, specialized in Mobile and Web development. With every project I try to create your vision.


What my clients say

"Franklin has done a fantastic job since the start of the project. I was immediately impressed with his thoroughness and attention to detail before the 1st week was over! He is very communicative and makes upgrades and adjustments as needed and when needed. If you want to feel informed and like you’re working with a developer than he is your guy. I have enjoyed working with Franklin without worry. My project has come such a long way because of him. I hope to continue working with him as the project goes into closed beta. I highly recommend choosing him for both development and UI/UX needs! "

CEO of Inkblot
"Franklin did a great job with helping me fix bugs in the app I was building in the Adalo platform. He was super responsive and was able to deliver the finished product extremely fast! Overall, he did a great job."
Taranvir Johal
CEO of Tavolo
"Great with communication, talks you through what he’s going to do & how to do it. Made my app just the way I needed it."
CEO of Pizza Jerk App
"Working with Franklin has been a wonderful experience. He took pride in his work and I felt his passion through the results. I'm glad I was able to connect with him to develop a groundbreaking application and the value he provides is unmatched. Any feature I requested he was able to add and he is very knowledgeable on how to use Adalo. I was very satisfied with how he paid very close attention to the smallest details. Any problem that presented itself he took the time to find the solution. I look forward to working with together again in the future,  he does a great work and knows how to bring very complex ideas into reality."
CEO of Snippy Inc
“Franklin was a delight to work with. From the moment I engaged with him, he got to work. No-code is much easier than traditional coding, but it still takes some knowledge on how things work. Franklins incredible understanding of Adalo, and more so product architecture mitigate this. My favorite part of working with Franklin was that nothing was ‘impossible’. He had a component, tool for everything.”
CEO of Friendvisory Board
"Our experience with Franklin has truly been nothing less than perfection. His combination of communication and skill expertise made this project a breeze, and we are grateful for his cooperativeness and professionalism on all levels. Aside from the project, we loved working with Franklin because of his positive energy and persevering attitude, a true pleasure to work with."
CEO of Fit Central
Working with Franklin was fantastic. He didn't say no when I asked if I could be on Zoom while he worked as I'm a very visual explainer/organizer, and I wanted to be able to point and explain while we created together. I had the majority of my screens created, and I needed a mastermind at the logic and databases in how to piece them together, and then some new connections screens he thought through to help as well. If I asked, is this possible, most of the time the answer was yes, and he took the time to think, and then try until we accomplished it. I would happily recommend him, and work with him again in the future.
Heather Bartlett
CEO of Bartlett Medical Clinic & Wellness Center
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